Middleton Place Plantation

Charleston Hotel - Middleton Place Plantation

Middleton Place Plantation is a top Charleston landmark and one of the most famous plantation houses in the south. Middleton Place House is a National Historic Landmark, and has been superbly preserved in every detail. The ancestral home of the Middletons, one of the south’s leading families, Henry Middleton, President of the First Continental Congress built Middleton Place Plantation house. The grounds of Middleton Place give visitors a unique view into 18th-century plantation life. Middleton Place house and gardens are an experience in a class all its own. Middleton Place gardens represent an excellent example of a formal 18th-century American garden, and enjoy a reputation as one of the country's oldest intact gardens.

Middleton Place Tours:

Tour Middleton Place and gardens to get an in-depth look at what life would’ve been like on the plantation in the 1700s. Middleton Place Plantation features authentic antiques alongside an impressive collection of highly valuable fine art, paintings and silverware. A number of tours are available ranging from the home tour to the carriage tour, which features a horse-drawn carriage ride through the rice fields of the plantation.

Middleton Place Gardens:

Middleton Place Gardens date from the 1740s; the garden resembles styles popular in England at the time that can be found in English Great Houses such as, Rousham, Claremont and Chiswick. Middleton Place is important as one of the few existing examples of this garden style.


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